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My Professionals stories!


Gen Stories

Drabbles & Snippets

Culture Clash (G)
Bodie frowned at the extradition papers, neatly filed behind a transparent plastic cover.

The Twelve Days of a C15 Agent's Christmas Refresher Course (R)
On the first day of Christmas old Macklin gave to me...

Short Stories

Babysitting Tommy (PG)
The thing was, Bodie liked children.

Charity Begins At Home (PG-13)
"Hello, what's this?" Doyle surveyed the mail...

A C15 Christmas Carol (PG)
The cast assemble.

Pub Crawling (PG)
There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to stage a tactical retreat.

Out With The Old (PG)
“You,” said Bodie, peering at Doyle intently, “don’t look healthy.”

Long Stories

I Can Still Dance With a Drink in My Hand (NC-17) S&H Crossover


Pre-Slash Stories

Drabbles & Snippets

Elaborate (G)
By preference, Bodie carries a Browning.

In The Drivers Seat (G)
Cowley’s narked, and Bodie knows it’s not fair.

Short Stories

Changes to the Programme (NC-17)
“Having trouble with that, love?” asked Bodie, as Penny struggled to fit her key into the lock.

Of Christmas Present (PG)
This is not the worst Christmas ever.

Present Company (PG)
The truest thing that Bodie knows...

A Widening Gyre (NC-17)
Bodie realized he was in trouble the moment he tried to step away from the shelf table attached to the window and almost fell on his face.


Slash Stories

Drabbles & Snippets

Armistice (PG)
Bodie uses too much soap when washing up.

Overnight (G)
Love, decided Doyle, was an incomprehensible thing.

Urban Warfare (R)
He thinks I don't know.

Short Stories

All I Want For Christmas (NC-17)
"Mistletoe?" Doyle squinted up at the sorry-looking bundle of twigs...

Brethren of the Coast (NC-17)
It wasn't too late.

May Day Run (R)
Doyle had come up with the plan for the Monday after May Day, which by chance happened to fall on a Sunday.

The Natural Order of Things (R)
"What's your bloody problem?"

When Animals Attack (PG)
Doyle felt as if he was living in a cine film...

Long Stories

Mere Anarchy (R)
"How is your appetite?"