Culture Clash
By Rebelcat

Bodie frowned at the extradition papers, neatly filed behind a transparent plastic cover. “Terrorists get vacations now? Who’s this Lieutenant Castillo?”

Doyle’s eyes were closed and his head was on the back of his chair. “That would be Lieutenant Castillo. He’s American.”

“Lewd-tenant?” Bodie propped his hip on Cowley’s desk and grinned.

One green eye cracked open. “Loo-tenant.”

“S’pose it depends on where he’s got his office,” began Bodie.

“And what he does in it,” finished Doyle, resignedly.

Bodie sniggered. “We should volunteer for escort. Give those coppers some Miami adVice.”

Doyle was proud of himself. He didn’t murder Bodie.


Note: Brits (and Canadians) pronounce "lieutenant" as if it were spelled "lef-tenant".