Young Rebel, or future recruit for CI5?

1980: I turned nine.

I had just emigrated to Canada with my mother and I had no idea there was a show called "The Professionals" currently airing in the UK. For that matter, we didn't even own a TV.

Yes, I was an abused child. Pop-culturally, anyway.

I was also a rebel in more than name - that year I amused myself by stealing pocket money, skipping school, lighting little fires in the shed (really little, honest!), getting into fistfights (and mostly losing them, too), and lying to cover my ass (in Brit-speak, I understand this is called an arse).

Ah, the good old days!

But I grew up, went to University, joined the Army Reserve, and nowadays I'm all married and respectable-like. Except for my taste in hawt man-on-man action, and violent TV shows from the seventies. My other fandoms are "Starsky & Hutch" ( and "The Man From UNCLE".