Author: Rebelcat
Gen or Slash: Slash
Rating: G
Category: Drabble
Disclaimer: They ain't my boys, I'd be kinder to them if they were.


I found him with his feet up on my couch.  I said, where have you been?  He didn’t answer, just smiled at me and reached up to pull me into his arms.


I was really happy to see him.


But a bit confused, too.


I’m married, I said.  Panicking, I twisted around to see his reaction.  My lover meets my wife, oh god!  But he just nodded, his eyes crinkling at the corners, and I stopped being afraid.  I know that look.


He knows all about her.  He thinks it’s funny.


And then I suddenly remembered hard wooden pews and all of us in uniform... and it’s too hot... and someone hands me the whole box of Kleenex... but I don’t know who, because I can’t see...


No, I thought, that’s a mistake.  Got to be.  I mean, he’s right here, isn’t he?


That’s when I felt the bastard laugh.  Yeah, I got it.  The joke’s on me.  I thumped his leg.  Asshole!  He just laughed harder.  Years dead, and still playing games.


I woke up in my own bed, feeling his arms still wrapped around me.


I looked at my sleeping wife.


You know...   I think he likes her.