Rebelcat's Slash Fiction

The stories here are all Slash. This means they depict a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Starsky and Hutch. If this is something that squicks you, please use the back button on your browser to return to your previous page.

There was a certain cop from Bay City,
Whose guns were both far from itty-bitty.
He couldn't help mistake,
His Python for his snake,
And his partner found sex very gritty!

Hutch blinked.
1st Place, Me & Thee "Make Hutch Hurl" Contest, 2007
Hutch thought the sheets were a bad idea the first time he saw them.
Starsky knows he's in trouble, he just doesn't know why.
Because, well, sex is fun.  And also funny!
Post-series, a new beginning
Starsky notices something unexpected.
Hutch hears something unexpected. 
Hutch has a very good reason,
for staying in bed this Christmas Eve.
Warning - It's a very silly parody.
With toilet humor.
In an alternate universe,
Dobey doesn't want to be Best Man.
I have to be serious at least some of the time.
The things we do to the ones we love.
Slashy, but rated G!
This one swings both ways.