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Author's Notes

Author:  Rebelcat
Gen or Slash:  Gen
Rating:  R - for violence
Category:  hurt/comfort, angst, smarm, post-Sweet Revenge
Beta:  Nik Ditty did the honors, and taught me a great deal about writing in the process.  I'm very grateful to her!
Disclaimer:  I don't own these guys, I'm only borrowing them for a little while.
Explanation:  I posted the original version of this story on in 2004.  Then I took it down, and a revised version was published as a 'zine in September 2005.  I'm now posting it on my own site - with slight editorial changes.  Nothing significant, mostly just fixing the typos I missed the first two times around.  The 'zine version, for folks who prefer hard copy, is still available from Requiem Publications.
"Postscript" is one of the first stories I'd ever written, in any genre, and by far the most ambitious.
I hadn't read much fanfic at this point, and as a result I managed to hit just about every fanfic cliche there is - right down to the lovable dog.
But I have a warm place in my heart for this story.  There are so many reasons it shouldn't work - and yet it does.  Cliche'd or not, this story made me very happy while I was writing it, and it still makes me happy when I re-read it.  I hope it does the same for you!

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