Title: What We Deserve

Author: Elizabeth Helena

Fandom: Starsky & Hutch

Rating: R for sex that’s bad in so many ways.

Gen or Slash: Canon het included (sorry), but as for fanon gen or slash, it’s all in the dirty mind of the beholder.

Codes: Drabble, missing scene, a clearly jealous and hard-up author. . . hey!

Warning: The opinions expressed are those of the depressed character, and do not necessarily reflect those of the depressed author.

Spoilers: For Starsky vs. Hutch, although it could be argued that this episode is already rancid.

Summary: In light of Starsky’s confession of love, what the f*ck was Hutch thinking while f*cking Kira right afterwards?

Dedication: To Rebelcat, because it’s her fault I recently watched that skanky episode again. I mean, came to fully appreciate this episode’s emotional complexities. Kiss, kiss. Hug, hug.

Feedback/Critique: Sir, yes, sir. May I please have another?

What We Deserve

“First deserve, and then desire.”
English proverb

Their first time had been fueled by the dirty fantasies of a stranger.

This time, Hutch just felt dirty.

Kira was right, he thought. You could love two people at the same time. But she was wrong, too. It wasn’t love when you deliberately broke someone’s trust.

He thrust harder. In retaliation, Kira raked his back with her nails. To her, everything was a game.

You don’t deserve him.

But knowing better hadn’t stopped him.

Neither of us do.

When Hutch came, self-disgust tainted his pleasure. As she dressed, he struggled for the right words.

A loud knock silenced him.

- end -