On this page you'll find assorted slash and gen stories, written for the 30_Lemons challenge on LJ.

"Lemon" is a term used to describe fanfiction with explicit sexual content. So, all of the stories here deal with sex in one way or another, with varying degrees of actual explicitness. In other words, some of these lemons are tart, while others would be better described as candy lemon drops.



Bonus! Holiday, or, "Let's Make This Special Day *Really* Special"

Anonymity, or, "Taken by the Faceless Stranger"

The Audience

The Sexuality of Terror, or, "Help, I'm Out of Control, Thank God!"

The Thrill of the Forbidden, or, "No, You Must Not!...Here, Let Me Help You."

1st Place, 2007 Torino Awards, Humor Story
The Harem, or, "When in Rome..."

The Closet, or, "Denial isn't just a River in Egypt!"

The Wardrobe, or, "I Feel Pretty!"

The Phonebooth, or, "Aural Sex."

Sex and Drugs, or, "That's Some Funny Tobacco in that Pipe, Mr. Caterpillar."

Boot Camp, or, "Why Do the Bad Guys Always Have the Sexiest Uniforms?"

The Ward, or, "The Sleeves on this Jacket are a bit Long, Sir."

The Garden, or, "The Great Outdoors."

The Stables, or, "Giddyap!"

Virtual Reality, or "Jacked In, Jacked Off."

The Bordello, or, "Dude Looks Like a Lady of the Night."

The Classroom, or, "Teacher Hit Me With a Ruler."

The Grotto, or, "Underwater Wonders."

2nd Place, 2007 Torino Awards, Starsky Hurt/Comfort Story
2nd Place, 2007 Torino Awards, Extreme Story
The Lockup, or, "Drop the Soap, Baby."

The Gymnasium, or, "Who Likes Short-Shorts?"

First Timers, or, "Yes! I'm Finally Getting Some!"

Alone Time, or, "When I Think About You, I Touch Myself"

Bottoms Up, or, "Surprise! Guess's Who's on Top Tonight?"

23. Cold
Preventing Hypothermia, or, "Let Me Apply Some Liquid Heat to Raise Your Core Temperature."

2nd Place, 2007 Torino Awards, Ordinary Day Story
Doctor's In, or, "My, What a Big Thermometer You Have There!"

The Planetarium, or, "Sex Under the Stars"

26. Hot
The Sauna, or, "It's Getting Hot in Here, So Take Off All Your Clothes"

1st Place, 2007 Torino Awards, Action/Adventure Story
2nd Place, 2007 Torino Awards, Crossover Story
The Mile-High Club, or, "Wow, This Gives a Whole New Meaning to Flying the Friendly Skies!"

The Theater, or, "Oh, is the Movie Over Already?"

The Theater, or, "Oh, is the Movie Over Already?"

The Conservatory, or, "Making Sweet Music"

The Playroom, or, "Wow, Santa Never Brought Me *That* Kind of Toy!"