The Other Man

Title: The Other Man

Author: Elizabeth Helena

Gen or Slash: Eye of the beholder, cousins.

Spoilers: The Terbuf Affair AKA The Clara Valder Dumped My Ass But I Still Let Her Manipulate Me Affair.

Warning: First person again. Even worse, some Nietzsche jargon and one of his quotes. Forgive me, I haven't been well this month.

Dedication: To "my little agent provocateur", azdak, for her brilliant Terbuf-inspired drabble Death, Be Not Proud, and her suggestion of 'ultimatum' as November's mfuwss challenge.

Feedback/Critique: Yes, please! Feel free to contact by e-mail at elizabeth loves her thesaurus at hotmail dot com (no spaces), or post your comments here (no holds barred).

The Other Man

"Terribleness is part of greatness: let us not deceive ourselves."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power

On the boat to Italy, I became aware of Illya Kuryakin's disapproving stare.

He believes that I'm the one who laid down the cruel ultimatum: be with me, Napoleon, or be with the U.N.C.L.E.

But it wasn't me, Mr. Kuryakin, it was your Mr. Waverly.

He changed Napoleon until a gun fit in his hand more comfortably than a woman's hand. He created the Ubermensch who makes quips in front of a firing squad.

You think my Stefan's weak, but he's just a man. Which was all I ever wanted.

Mr. Waverly got want he wanted. But when will Napoleon?

– end –