The Season One Opener Affair, Part Two

The Season One Opener Affair, Part Two
AKA The Okay You've Got the Idea Now Affair
by Elizabeth Helena and Rebelcat

From episode 8 onwards, the rest of season one featured an opening sequence created with excerpts from the premiere episode “The Vulcan Affair”.

The secret symbol of dancing fascists – whoops, we mean the U.N.C.L.E. logo is displayed for a few seconds.

Then the shadow of an armed man hops into view. That’s right, he doesn’t emerge menacingly from the night, stealthily sneak up or even innocuously hove into view. He hops. Apparently, Thrush has been recruiting its agents from West Side Story.

"When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way..."

Then we see a different shadowy figure down the shadowy hall. He appears to be doing isometric exercises. He’s definitely not running for cover, that’s for sure.

Now the shadow of the gun lowers. We suspect it’s pointing at the second shadowy figure. The gun fires, and we love the special effect of the smoke rising from the muzzle. The bullet was much too fast to see, of course. Even when watched frame by frame. Who knows where to get bullets that are faster than the speed of light? The Shadow knows.

A bullet hole and spider-webbing appears over the heart of the mystery man, revealing that Mr. Cool-and-Collected is standing behind safety glass. Two more shots follow in quick succession, and finally a fourth.

The camera zooms in and we see that each shot could have hit the heart. Strange how no other Thrush agent will ever demonstrate such expert marksmanship again. Still, he demonstrated the Thrush level of observational skills considering he really should have noticed he was repeatedly shooting at bullet-resistant glass.

Next the mutant spider will suck the U.N.C.L.E. agent's sweet, sweet juices.

The camera zooms in as Mr. Cool raises his own gun, pointing directly at the viewer and the completely spider-webbed glass. Apparently, U.N.C.L.E. hadn’t explained the properties of transparent aluminum to their agents either. But we don’t care because we can now see it’s Napoleon Solo, brylcreemed for action.

"The name is Solo. Napoleon Solo. You may call me Nappy."

The title of the episode appears on the screen and the adventure begins!

Still Not the End!