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Author's Notes


Prologue     False dawn tinted the sky an indefinable grey.

Part One

Chapter One     Becky let herself back into her cottage and was surprised to find that her roommate wasn’t up yet.

Chapter Two     It’s easy to avoid the deeper issues during the day.

Chapter Three     Starsky paused in the squad room door.

Chapter Four     Frankie was the manager of Crazy Al’s Discount Emporium.

Chapter Five     Starsky’s anger increased as he fumbled with his door key.

Chapter Six     It was the sound she made.

Chapter Seven     Becky couldn’t describe how she felt.

Chapter Eight     Sarah spotted Dave heading for the door, and intercepted him.

Part Two

Chapter One     Dawn examined her image in the bedroom mirror with keen dismay.

Chapter Two     Hutch’s stomach took a sudden dive and ended up somewhere in the vicinity of his ears.

Chapter Three     A rhythmic thumping noise diverted Hutch’s attention from the expressway traffic.

Chapter Four     “Nice of you to finally grace us with your presence,” growled Dobey, without looking up from his desk.

Chapter Five     “Detective Hutchinson, I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’re here today.”

Chapter Six     “You’re gonna love this,” said Starsky, as he paid the delivery boy.

Chapter Seven     His world was fractured, the pieces loosely assembled, a photo viewed through the broken glass of a shattered frame.

Chapter Eight     Dawn was pissed.

Chapter Nine     Dawn was making lunch for herself when she heard a soft sound from the bedroom.

Chapter Ten     Starsky had been on the telephone for the last half hour.

Part Three

Chapter One     Hutch was on the couch reading the real estate section of the newspaper when Starsky breezed in...

Chapter Two     The trials themselves never took very long.

Chapter Three     He’s not very good at waiting, Dawn thought.

Chapter Four     The traffic congestion throughout the city had not eased up.

Chapter Five     Dobey slid a framed photo forward across the surface of his desk.

Chapter Six     The bang of the front door flying open brought her out of sleep so quickly Becky was sitting up in bed before...

Chapter Seven     He won’t lead them straight to the house, thought Hutch.

Chapter Eight     Swallowing his tears, Freddy walked over and looked down at the cop.

Chapter Nine     “You were very lucky, Dave,” commented the nurse as she changed the dressings on his wrists.

Part Four

Chapter One     Hutch juggled the groceries one-handed as he let himself into Starsky’s apartment.

Chapter Two     A nightmare ejected him out into freefall, slamming him down into wakefulness with brutal force...

Chapter Three     Yes, he was doing it again. There was no doubt about it.

Chapter Four     As they climbed higher into the foothills, chaparral scrub gave way first to pine forests and then to aspen and oak...

Chapter Five     The station wagon dropped fifteen feet down into the river below the bridge, landing first on its hood and then...

Chapter Six     They were a few feet from the Torino, when Starsky abruptly stopped in his tracks and stared at his car...

Chapter Seven     For a brief moment, when Starsky first stepped in his front door and saw Becky, the vision he’d had of her...

Chapter Eight     The past twenty-four hours had been unusually warm, energy building in the atmosphere all day...

Chapter Nine     Dawn frowned at the catalog in her hands.

Chapter Ten     Becky paused at the door of her cottage, taking in the familiar surroundings with a feeling of deep contentment.

Part Five

Chapter One     Becky finally unearthed the wire brush from beneath a stack of newspapers.

Chapter Two     “Wait here. I’ll bring the car up to the door.”

Chapter Three     “It’s… um, lovely.” Becky looked doubtfully at the spiraling Plexiglas thing in her hands.

Chapter Four     Dawn reacted instinctively, driving her elbow into the stomach of the man who had grabbed her.

Chapter Five     Starsky always said Hutch thought too much.

Chapter Six     It was so easy, it was almost disappointing.

Chapter Seven     As the last echoes faded, Starsky opened his eyes.

Chapter Eight     “You lied to Dobey.”

Chapter Nine     Over the past few days Hutch had been through enough to make any reasonable man belligerent.

Epilogue     The sun was setting over the bay, igniting the clouds with a riot of celebratory color.