Author:  Rebelcat 

Rating: PG, for a very naughty word.

Category: Double drabble.

Disclaimer: They ain't mine.

Thanks To:  Nik Ditty, whose enthusiasm for this drabble gave me the courage to post it!

Episode:  Tap Dancing Her Way Right Back Into Your Heart

Out of Step





We’d barely finished booking them, when it began.


The cat calls, the wolf whistles, “Oh, Chaaarlie…”


He smirked, acting like those tapes of him were nothing but a big joke.  “When you got it, boy, flaunt it.”


I should’a known – but I bought his line, too.  Thought he was being a smug bastard.


I was trying to kick the candy machine into submission when I heard him roar.  I turned around to find him pinning some poor chump to the wall, arm across his throat.


They’re not smiling anymore.  I know exactly what they’re thinking, as I hustle him out of there.


Prima donna.  Can’t take a joke.  Thinks he’s better than us.


And then it hits me.  He got fucked this week.  First by the job, and then by the girl, and finally by every guy here who thinks this is funny.  His self respect has taken one hell of a beating.  No wonder he’s being such a superior pain in the ass.


Well, I know what I’ll do.


I’ll knock him down a peg, because he’s been asking for it, and then I’ll build him back up again, because it’s what he needs.


I’ll teach him to dance.