Author:  Rebelcat
Rating:  PG, for strong language
Category:  Double Drabble
Disclaimer:  I didn't write this episode, I'm only trying to make sense of it.
Notes:  All the usual thanks, and virtual chocolates and roses, go to Nik for her invaluable feedback.
Episode:  Starsky v. Hutch

Opportunity and Motive





I wish I could remember his expression, but at the time I was only seeing red.  It took me awhile to cool down and start wondering about motive.


At first I thought he wanted to hurt me.  Why else would he stroll out of her bedroom, tucking his shirt in?


Then I thought maybe he was trying to show me what kind of a person she was – this woman I hoped to marry.


But now I’ve got it figured out.  He just wanted me to know what he’d done.


It’s like that time he pretended to have amnesia.  Could’a had a miracle recovery.  Nothin’ forcing him to ‘fess up.


Nothing except his conscience, that is.


See, the man’s an asshole, but he’s got a conscience.  It didn’t stop him from fucking her, but it did kick him through that bedroom door and into my face.


What I want to know is, what did he think I was going to do?


Did he think I would leave him?  Was this some kind’a sick test?


He should know I’m not going to ditch him.  He’s my partner, and hey – I've already threatened to kick his ass at Ping-Pong.


I’m not going anywhere.