Author:  Rebelcat 

Rating: G, because my kids not only know the meaning of the word, but they can even spell it.

Category: Double drabble.

Disclaimer: I promise I'll put them back when I'm done playing with them.

Enthusiastic Thanks To:  Nik Ditty, whose feedback is alway invaluable!

Episode:  Partners

Pleading Ignorance





Faking amnesia; definitely not one of my better ideas.


So why?


Because I was angry.  I almost died, and it was his fault.  I wanted him to stop taking me for granted.


Payback.  I knew I was due.


I wasn’t going to let it go this far, but then he started telling me stories, reminding me of stuff I didn’t want to remember.  I began wondering, what’s the point?


Anyone sane would have walked away years ago.  An incurable case of amnesia was looking better all the time.


But first I had to know.  He’s saved my sorry hide lots of times - what did I ever do for him?


And he answered that there was a time he didn’t think he could go on living.  And the only reason he did…


Was me.


It’s a kick in the gut.


He’s only ever had two best friends in his life.  She died, and I’m…


I can’t do this.  I know I’m a miserable bastard, and it’s some kind of cosmic joke that he got saddled with me for a friend, but…


I can’t do this anymore.


I have to tell him it’s just an act.


Because, I swear, I didn’t know.