Author:  Rebelcat
Rating:  PG, for strong language
Category:  Double Drabble
Disclaimer:  You can't blame me for mistreating them, this time.  It's canon!
Episode:  A Coffin for Starsky






I heard him say it.


He thought I wouldn’t – too far gone, too messed up.  But I heard him.


“Bravest man I know…”


I wanted to set him straight on that.  I would have, too, if I wasn’t strapped to a gurney fighting to breathe, never mind speak.


Fucked up.


And drooling.  Aw, hell.  I can’t swallow, I can’t… 


A shadow moves across my line of vision, edges blurring, shifting…  Too fast.  Never mind, I know it’s him.


He wipes my face, before tucking the sheet under my chin.  That’s real friendship for ya.  He knows I don’t want to die drooling like some kind’a…  I focus on his face.  His eyes are red, and I think maybe he’s been crying.


He says, “Why’d you do it?”


They’re pulling him away.  It’s okay, ‘cause I haven’t got it in me to tell him the truth anyway.


I had two choices on that roof.  Him or me.  And, for me, that wasn’t any kind of choice at all.  Because I’m not strong enough to face living – or dying – without him.


The bravest man he’s ever known?


It’ll make a pretty line on my gravestone.  But the truth is…


I’m a coward.