Adidas is everywhere, Bobby Fisher pikes out, Bohemian Rhapsody heats up the charts, the Cold War stays tepid, Jimmy Hoffa "disappears", Patty Hearst "reappears", the Rocky Horror Picture Show rocks, "Squeaky" Fromme wins silliest presidential assassin ever, UN proclaims International Woman's Day, Watergate drowns the president...
But much more importantly, in 1975 Starsky & Hutch premiered on North American televisions!

L'il Rebel says, "It's all her fault!"

EH wonders if Starsky will notice she's underage...

Rap Sheet of Rebelcat in 1975
Notorious for drawing anatomically correct naked people, and colouring them in assorted rainbow shades.  These were apparently blueprints for her activities later that year, when she locked herself and a little boy in the supply cupboard.  All witnesses reported that it was Rebel who convinced the boy to get naked with her and who subsequently painted them both in multiple shades of tempera paint.
This is the last known photo of Rebel before she was was sentanced to Juvie Kindergarten.

Rap Sheet of Elizabeth Helena in 1975
Suspected Communist Sympathizer due to living in proximity to Soviet Embassy, and known tendency to climb their back fence and wave at the cameras. Cleared of all charges after having learned from a Czechoslovakian mime how to escape from invisible boxes. Still suspected by CIA after she described Watergate as "more boring than Gilligan's Island", but the RCMP agreed with her.
Above is the last known photo of young EH before she was permanently traumatized by "The Fix."