What's Starsky Reading?

"Deadly Imposter" Wednesday, Dec.10, 1975, Ep.13
Thanks to the wonders of modern screen-capping technology, we can now determine exactly what sort of fine literature our boy likes to read, during the few spare moments he can snatch in the fight against crime.

Hutch is looking a little impatient...

Starsky seems to be extremely absorbed in his magazine...  He's even ignoring Hutch!  How dare he?

Hutch gets tired of being ignored...

Hutch eventually tires of waiting for Starsky to notice him, and steals his magazine.

But what's Starsky reading?

The magazine is called Ahoy!, but that's probably a fake cover to hide its true identity.  Anyone recognize that girl?  The back ad is for a brand of cigarettes called Valiant.  Very classy...

Hello, what's this?

And incidently gives us a clear view of the page that had Starsky so absorbed.  ("No, really!" Starsky protests.  "I only read it for the articles!")

Starsky seems a little upset.

Well, we know now why Hutch was cranky.  Who's the prettiest, Starsky?  Is it her?  IS IT?  ("No, really!" says Hutch.  "I just wanted to go catch a bad guy!")

Bad, Hutch!

Hutch has to check the girl out for himself.  What's she got to offer Starsky that he hasn't?

The one thing I like best about all this?
It's that naked pin-up girls in the seventies could have small boobs.  Hallelujah!