Author:  Rebelcat
Rating:  G
Category:  Double drabble
Disclaimer:  They ain't mine.  If they were, maybe I could make them behave.

Hell of a Thing

“Get him to the hospital.”


I thought Dobey meant Hutch.  After all, I’d only been kidnapped, beaten, drugged and strung up to be sacrificed.  Me?  Need a hospital?


Could be I wasn’t thinking straight, but the point is, I thought it was Hutch who needed doctoring.  So, I started right in checking him over and wondering where the holes were.


He caught my hands.  “Not me, dummy.”


“You sound like shit,” I told him.


His chuckle wasn’t real convincing.


Dobey wasn’t impressed.  “Now!”  He stomped off.


Like an idiot, I giggled.  “I forgot.  I’m evidence.  Got to get me bagged and tagged.”


Yeah, I amused the hell out of myself.  Not so much Hutch.


“Shut up!”


“Look,” I said.  “I didn’t mean…”


He was pissed.  “I can’t pretend it’s okay.  It’s not!”


I know I should’a been sympathetic, but I guess it wasn’t in me right then, because I got mad instead.


Which is how we ended up yelling at each other, in front of everyone.


Stupid, huh?  All the time those freaks had me, all I wanted was Hutch.  And now that I had him, I was angry enough to kill him.


Love.  It’s a hell of a thing.