Author: Rebelcat

Rating: PG, for one mildly naughty word

Category: Double Drabble

Disclaimer: They ain't mine!

Episode: Starsky's Lady

Until Death Do Us Part


Starsky’s leaning on the roof of his car, searching the crowd.

I open the passenger side door. “Well? Are you going to stand there all day?”

He blinks, as if noticing me for the first time, and then glances back at the other people on the street. He wasn’t looking for me.

When he climbs in behind the wheel, he doesn’t start the car right away. Instead he says, “Do you ever wonder...”

I groan and let my forehead hit the dash.

“Don’t be an asshole, Hutchinson.”

He’s serious, so I sit up. But I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want another long discussion about life and death, where we come from and what happens after we die. That used to be my deal, but now it’s his and I’m sick of it.

She’s gone. But it feels like she’s sitting in the back seat of the car, smiling at us. All I have to do is turn around, and she’ll be there.

I won’t look. Someone in this partnership has to believe that she’s really dead.

“How do we know we’re not dreaming?” says Starsky.

I can hear her laugh as I reach across and pinch him.