Author: Rebelcat

Rating: PG, because Hutch uses some naughty language and Starsky references the Talmud

Category: Double Drabble

Disclaimer: They ain't mine!

Episode: Iron Mike

Starsky's Law


Starsky’s not speaking to me. He’s got his arms crossed, and he’s glaring at me over the top of his typewriter.

I know I shouldn’t rise to the bait, but I can’t help myself. “Mike was a good man. He cared about the people on his beat. His arrest record...” Wrong tactic. “Life is compromise. Everyone makes deals!”

I understand Mike. I wish Starsky would try to understand him, too.

And then he could try understanding me, for a goddamn change.

“Think of the good we can do. If we keep Mike’s secret. If we use Coyle, just for a little while...”

Shit. Now Starsky looks deeply disappointed in me.

He’s really pissing me off. “For crying out loud! Nothing’s black and white!” Realizing I’m shouting, I lower my voice. “What if by sacrificing one person, you could save the lives of a hundred people?”

Starsky unfolds his arms, and stands up, his palms flat on his desk. Looking me in the eye, he says, “Destroy one life, and you’ve destroyed the world. Save one life, and you’ve saved the whole world.”

He pats my cheek, just once. “I know you’ll do the right thing.”

I wish he was wrong.