Author: Rebelcat

Rating: G, unless you're exceptionally sensitive about vampires

Category: Double Drabble

Disclaimer: They ain't mine!

Episode: Vampire

Dracula’s Precinct


“Where did his fangs go?” I prod Nadasy’s corpse with the toe of my sneaker.

“I don’t know,” says Hutch, impatiently. “Obviously, they fell out.”

“Right.” I touch my neck. Hutch is right. He has to be.

But it keeps bugging me. Later, I say, “I still don’t get it.”

“Starsk, those teeth could have been lost anywhere.”

I hate that patronizing tone. “No, I mean, the medical report says Nadasy’s leg was all crippled up. How could he run like that? How’d he jump twenty-five feet?”

“Just another speed freak with a blood fetish.” The phone on Hutch’s desk rings. As he reaches for it, he says, “Only morons believe in vampires.”

I also hate the way he keeps rolling his eyes whenever he says ‘vampire’.

“Yes...?” Pulling the phone away from his ear, Hutch says to me, “It’s the morgue.” There’s a pause and then he shouts, “What do you mean Nadasy’s body has disappeared?”

“What?” I say, feeling the blood drain from my face.

Hutch hangs up, laughing. “You actually fell for it!”

I touch the wound on my neck again. Right then I decide that Hutch is going to be the very first person I bite.