Author: Elizabeth Helena

Series: Starsky and Hutch

Rating: PG, because youngsters might be traumatized when they learn that their version of anarchy is pathetic when compared to that of their elders.

Slash or Gen: Gen, because in this case, it’s unarguably canon.

Warning: Inspired by Kimberley’s Starsky & Hutch icon drabble challenge. Why does that need a warning? Well, this is my first S & H drabble. Plus, it’s based on is my favourite lj icon. . .

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, especially Bay City’s senior citizens. They scare me.

Summary: Ever wonder how Savage Sunday’s Henny and Sarah Wilson got their hands on all that dynamite? This Belfast Irish Canadian gal sure did.

Dedicated to: Kimberley FDR, of course. Without her inspiration, this drabble and other S & H vignettes of mine wouldn’t exist.

Beta: Rebelcat, in the sense that I made her read it before I’d post it. All errors are mine, mine, mine!

Feedback/Critique: Yes, please, including curses for making you look up historical events like The Easter Uprising on wikipedia. Why should Stephen Colbert have all the fun? I can be reached pampering my delusions of grandeur at elizabeth loves her thesaurus @ (no spaces) or wherever I posted this (no search warrants).

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Bay City's Most Wanted

“Soft words butter no parsnips”
Irish proverb

“That’s it!” Sarah declared.

“Oh, it wasn’t so–.”

“Nonsense! You’re wasting away to nothing!”

She’d always been such a firebrand, Henny Wilson thought.

He watched as his wife dialed the telephone with the same passion she did everything.

Henny smiled, remembering how her eyes glittered when she’d argue about dialectical materialism and anarchy back in 1916. And she’d danced like an angel.

“Hello Seamus. . . Yes, it’s Sarah. Remember how we hid you after The Easter Uprising? . . .Just a small favor, about fifty sticks of dynamite.”

Henny sighed. This was trouble with a capital T.

Still, she’d always be his firebrand.

- end -