Author:  Rebelcat 

Rating: PG, for a naughty word, and for possible disillusionment.

Category: Double drabble.

Disclaimer: They ain't mine.

Thanks To:  EH, my beloved beta!

Episode:  The Action

No Words Needed





My partner knows.


I can hear it in the way he mocks Hobart’s name, the implied threat when he says we’re going in naked.  Back us up, or else.


Or else what?


We’ll be going in there tonight without badges, or guns, or even a wire.  I wouldn’t give us a snowball’s chance on a roulette wheel, except that Dobey’s going to be in the car with Hobie tonight.  So if he tries any funny business...


Except that Dobey doesn’t know.  Or he refuses to know.  It’s essentially the same thing.


We’ve got no proof.  Just missing information.  How come no one told us about Hilliard’s rap sheet?  A screw up here, a fuck up there.  Lack of progress in a straightforward case.  Vice spent over half a year working the club.  Gross incompetence.  Any cop with half a brain...


Of course my partner would say that Hobart’s never had even half a brain to dedicate to anything.  But this is more than stupidity.


Dobey’s not stupid, but he believes absolutely in the brotherhood of the badge.  He won’t listen, even though it was right there in my partner’s voice for everyone in the room to hear.


Lieutenant Hobart’s crooked.